getNetworkCountryIso() unreliable on CDMA network (e.g., Verizon)?

by monkey.jsun » Thu, 19 May 2011 05:01:30 GMT

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 Here is what Google web reference says:

public String getNetworkCountryIso ()
Since: API Level 1

Returns the ISO country code equivalent of the current registered
operator's MCC (Mobile Country Code).

Availability: Only when user is registered to a network. Result may be
unreliable on CDMA networks (use getPhoneType() to determine if on a
CDMA network).

How unreliable is this function and what are the factors that make
this unreliable in CDMA? Is it the network operator (e.g., in one CDMA
network it will always, while it never work in another)? Or is it
related to a particular handset (one handset always works in any CDMA
work while another never works)?

Specifically can someone confirm or disconfirm where this function
works for verizon network?

There are a few other functions in the same shoe, such as
getLine1Number() etc.




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