GestureOverlayView preventing OnSingletap/onDoubletap methods to be called

by vivin joy » Tue, 25 Jan 2011 22:03:51 GMT

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    i have an custom view. in main.Xml. this custom view is laid as a
child view of the gestureOverlayView. so that gestureOverlayView is
the parent view. i have allowed my mainActivity to implement the
onGesturelistener and OnDoubleTapListener. but all the touch events
are being passed to the gestureListener of the GesturOverlayView
rather than the onSingleTap/onDown/onDoubleTap events to be called..
how do i prevent this. i need the onSingleTap event to be called when
i tap on my screen, but those touch events are passed to
gestureListener to the GestureOverLayView. pls help me on this.

  is there way for me to dynamically dispatch the touch events to the
gestureListener of my Activity rather than the gestureListener of my


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