Galaxy 5 goes to.....

by amil luthfi » Fri, 03 Dec 2010 23:30:06 GMT

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 Galaxy 5 udah di suport resmi sama samsung ke froyo....sementara baru ada
firmware buat us....ayo upgrade buat galaxy5er's 


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Can you please tell me how can I disable 'Sorry! Activity YYY (in
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Many of you will have read or contributed to the very long thread I
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That was a very useful discussion between devs and engineers on
whether additional performance could be made available to fast-moving
games by lowering priority or disabling other background threads.

However, I wanted to create a separate thread to discuss what can be
done TODAY in existing games to solve this problem.

Why is it a problem? Because there is not a single game in Android
Market that features smooth scrolling backgrounds. Games may not be
the only app needed, but they certainly need to be visually impressive
for the platform to survive.

Why do I think there is a solution today? Because all components using
GridView and ListView in most cases feature very smooth scrolling - if
you don't believe me, go to the thumbnail scrolling view in the native
picture viewer.

So what I am saying is there is some magic in the GridView / ListView
code which allows for smooth scrolling which games on Android platform
desperately need. Despite going through the source code extensively I
cannot discover what is needed to apply this to a game engine.

Please could someone with a good low-level knowledge of the GridView
and ListView API's please please please provide a very simple demo of
how this smooth scrolling could be applied to scrolling an oversized
image either horizontally or vertically.

Otherwise developers are all going to try and most likely fail to
figure this out themselves. Believe me I have spent many hours on this
looking at Android source code, surfaceviews, onDraw, dispatchDraw,
memory allocation, and nothing so far has given me anything close to
smooth scrolling.

And I also know game developers are competing with each other and want
to guard their tricks of the trade. But ultimately, we are ALL
competing with rival mobile platforms and unless this issue can be
resolved, all android game developers will lose out.

And the whole platform loses because there will be no quality games.
Why shouldn't our games look like this after all :


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