fyi : NFC On Android ?

by Florentinus Triyanto » Wed, 19 Jan 2011 11:17:06 GMT

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The first NFC apps are starting to appear in the Android Market, just weeks
after the NFC-enabled 'Gingerbread' version of the mobile operating system
made its debut.
[image: Taglet Android NFC]

*TAGLET:* Gets around Android's read-only limitation

Just a few weeks after the announcement of the Google Nexus S with in-built
NFC<> ;and
support for near field communication in the Android
Gingerbread<> ;operating
system, the first two NFC apps have become available in the
Android Market.

The first is Taglet <> ;, a Japanese
language NFC tag reader and information sharing app that gets round
Gingerbread's read-only limitation by allowing the user to associate data
with an existing tag and hold it in an online database. When that tag is
subsequently read, Taglet retrieves the stored action a URL, Twitter
handle or other data from the cloud and acts on it. Taglet is compatible
with FeliCa, Mifare and full NFC tags:

The second is EnableTable <> ;, a US-developed app
that lets restaurants issue discount vouchers to customers when they settle
their bill in order to drive repeat business:

"Welcome Back Coupons arrive at the end of the meal and reward repeat
business," says EnableTable's Kevin Gallagher. "The best way to build
sustainable business is to recognize loyal customers and NFC technology
accurately pinpoints loyal customers inside the restaurant."

Android NFC development kits are also now beginning to appear.
Merchant360<> ;subsidiary
Mobifyer <> ;, for instance, has introduced an NFC
development kit aimed at Android 2.3 Gingerbread users this week.

"We are in the business of increasing the adoption and acceptance of NFC so
with the release of this mainstream phone we developed some reference
applications and since we supply mobile contactless tags to companies like
MoneyCell and applications for companies like Bling Nation we decided to
release this as a solution allowing any Android developer to get engaged
with NFC technology and increase adoption," says Merchant360 CEO Steve


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