lock_layer timed out (is the CPU pegged?)

by Julius Spencer » Thu, 19 Nov 2009 11:55:06 GMT

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I have a situation occurring intermittently with an application where  
I receive the following message. It's probably something to do with a  
Thread. The application seems to stop, but I get the following message  
and I'm not sure what it means:

WARN/SurfaceComposerClient(2106): lock_layer timed out (is the CPU  
pegged?) layer=1, lcblk=0x424800a0, state=00000043 (was 00000043)

I see others have had this issue, but I don't see a solution or  
explanation (that I can understand :-) ). Can anyone point me in the  
right direction?

Thanks for any help.



lock_layer timed out (is the CPU pegged?)

by Lance Nanek » Sun, 22 Nov 2009 17:13:47 GMT

 I see that message often when displaying a Toast or GestureOverlayView
on top of a GLSurfaceView. In my case GestureOverlayView is being
shown on top of the GLSurfaceView using a FrameLayout, though.
Wrapping like the developer blog recommends doesn't seem to work with

Avoiding using those things doesn't just get rid of the message for
me, it also seems to considerably improve the worst time between
ondraw calls frame rate statistic that I track for my game as well.


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lock_layer timed out (is the CPU pegged?)

by rupy » Mon, 18 Jan 2010 04:25:36 GMT

 Think I solved this for my demo app, might give you a hint!




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