docs feedback re compiling src

by Michael Salmon » Sun, 19 Dec 2010 04:54:23 GMT

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 Hi folks,

Have some feedback on the docs online that could be considered for 

1. docs say 32-bit linux ubuntu is supported, but on compile you get an
error that says (build/core/

"$(warning You are attempting to build on a 32-bit system.)
$(warning Only 64-bit build environments are supported beyond froyo/2.2.)"

2. docs say 64-bit linux "has not been well tested", but considering 32-bit
isnt supported at all (above note) does this mean mac OS X is the only
environment supported?

3. on related note, it's odd that mac os X 64-bit is not supported. In other
words if you have a 64-bit macbook your only option is to build in linux,
which as noted is not "well tested"

4. with respect to JDK version, it's vague. "JDK 5.0, update 12 or higher."
suggest doc actually recommend a particular version, e.g. "JDK 5.0 Update X
is known to be stable"

I'm curious if there is a way to have a page of build setups that are known
to work, ideally by repo revision?

BTW I'm using a macbook i7 64-bit and have been reading the various
developer notes and suggested workarounds for building on this machine, but
it's pretty interesting to see how far  the real support is for working on
Mac and Linux compared with the statement that they are "official build



Re: docs feedback re compiling src

by Abdull » Fri, 24 Dec 2010 00:09:47 GMT

 So I spent the last four hours on setting up a 32-bit Ubuntu 10.10 (inside a 
VM VirtualBox) as pointed out by above mentioned guide and I ran into the 
exact same problems.

Make this a *wasted* four hours of development time >:(.

Considering the fact that the first user post regarding this 
 back to September 28, 2010, this means the documentation is pretty 
much useless for now already three months.

Please, maintainers of Android, don't treat us users like this! Time is 
money. Moments like these let users feel abandoning a project. I don't want 
to start over setting up a 64-bit Ubuntu, just to find out that yet another 
undocumented setup detail made me waste another four hours.


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