Develop Software or Systems? Earn Guaranteed $10 or have $10 donated to FIRST; Chance to Win an iPad 2

by OnTargetEmbedded » Thu, 10 Mar 2011 00:02:05 GMT

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 VDC Research is conducting its annual survey of embedded engineers,
and if you are involved in the engineering of mobile or embedded
systems/software, this is your chance to influence key embedded
solution suppliers. The research covers embedded software, hardware,
tools, and development practices and of particular importance to VDC
this year is the development of Android-based devices.

In appreciation of your participation -

The first 400 respondents who complete the survey will receive:
-Choice of a $10 gift certificate or elect to make a $10
donation to FIRST (a charitable organization helping to promote the
sciences to the next generation of engineers and developers).

All respondents (including the first 400) who complete the survey will
-Entry into the grand prize drawing for an Apple iPad 2;
-Immediate access to a summary of VDC's 2010 Embedded Engineering
Survey results at the end of the survey; and
-A summary of the 2011 Embedded Engineering survey findings once the
survey is complete later this year.

To begin the survey, go to: 

Thank you very much for your assistance.

Best Regards,

The VDC Embedded Software and Tools Research Team


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