Debugging a Widget causes ANR

by Salv0 » Fri, 14 Jan 2011 21:18:38 GMT

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 Hi all :)
I'm trying to debug an AppWidget but I incurred in a problem :D If not
setting the breakpoint the widget works good without ANR and the
commands Log.v are executed flawlessly. Then I placed a breakpoint on
the top of the following method:

    public void onReceive(Context context, Intent intent) {
    Log.v(TAG, "onReceive 1"); // BP on this line
    super.onReceive(context, intent);
    String action = intent.getAction();

    // Checks on action and computations ...

    Log.v(TAG, "onReceive 2");
    Log.v(TAG, "onReceive 3");

The breakpoint stops the execution as expected but then the process
dies. The problem is that the breakpoint ( I guess xD ) cause an ANR
and the ActivityManager kills the process. That's the Log:

01-07 14:32:38.886: ERROR/ActivityManager(72): ANR in
01-07 14:32:38.886: INFO/Process(72): Sending signal. PID: 475 SIG: 9
01-07 14:32:38.906: INFO/ActivityManager(72): Process
com.salvo.wifiwidget (pid   475) has died.

This cause the debug to stop. So the question is: there's a way to
debug the widget without incurring in the ANR?? thanks in advance for
the answers


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