Detecting long touch press (ACTION_DOWN only)??

by eminemence » Thu, 02 Sep 2010 01:55:07 GMT

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I want to figure out how to detect that the user has been doing a long
touch press on the screen?
Most of the solutions that I see assume that the DOWN + UP sequence of
Thanks in advance.


Detecting long touch press (ACTION_DOWN only)??

by fr4gus » Thu, 02 Sep 2010 02:22:06 GMT

 If you don't have a requirement about how long should be the time to
trigger a long press, you could use



If you need to detect a long in a specific View object, what I do is
to register a OnTouchListener in my View object, that will redirect
the MotioEvent to the GestureDetector. At this point I'm able to
record what View was touched, and keep it in a variable of my current
Activity. Then in the gesture listener I took this variable and use
it. But if someone else knows a better approach I would like to hear
it :).




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