Control rotation of a 3D object using the touchscreen

by Mac » Thu, 27 Jan 2011 12:32:06 GMT

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 Hello all, I'm a 4th year computer engineering student and have some
experience with Android dev.

I am working on an application that has a 3D component to it which
requires me to be able to rotate it around. I was looking at the
example at the android resources site. 

This example does not talk about rotation around the z-axis. I have
already tried using Quaternion for the rotations but I don't
understand how to get rotations around the z-axis

I was wondering if anyone can help me with learning how to just be
able to rotate around an object. like the example above but also
around the z-axis. I have already spend about 24 hours searching and
trying to figure this out.

The bigger issue is that once you rotate 90 degrees around the y-axis
how can you detect that the next rotation (going vertically on the
touchscreen) should be around the z-axis.

Thank you in advance.


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