How to get the WebView UserAgent (without having a Context)

by Mariano Kamp » Wed, 16 Dec 2009 03:16:19 GMT

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 That's exactly the point why I try to store ApplicationContexts, but those
don't work in this case.


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1. Problem while passing aray list to next activity in widget application

Why not save the object to a global variable and access it in your next
activity? Something like

public class myArrayList extends Application{
private ArrayList<Whatever> myList;

public ArrayList<Whatever> getList(){
return myList;
public void setArrayList(ArrayList<Whatever> ArrayListFromActivity){

((xmlName)this.getApplication()).getList(); and

hope this helps

you can set and get this by using: 
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Subject: [android-developers] Problem while passing aray list to next
activity in widget application

 Hi all...

         I am trying to create app widget.In this widget I have added one
image button.If i click on this button i should pass list of object to
next activity.Before passing this list to activity I am converting it
to parceable list and adding it to bunddle and puting that bundle to
intent.This logic is working fine in android 1.6, but this is not
working in Android 2.1.
         In android 2.1. I am getting Null pointer excepion when I try to
access this list in next activity.
         To solve this problem I tried to pass only String data through
bundle,in next activity String is displaying properly,but when I try
to pass list,then only i am not getting list in next activity.
         Please give me suggestions for this problem.


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scale is it using?
Does it represent the gsm signal strength as of

As read in the Android docs, the range for the gsm signal strength is
0..31, but how is that reflected in the icon (if it actually reflects
the gsm signal strength, does it?)? The icon has 4 bars, and in my
case right now they're all filled even with an asu value of only 18
(when I check in the settings/phone status of my device / Nexus One
2.1). So it doesn't seem to be reflected proportional. I would expect
that with asu (that's the gsm signal strength, right?) of 18, it would
max. show 3 bars - but it shows full signal (4 bars).


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