Change phone setting programatically

by Dmytro Paslavskyy » Thu, 12 May 2011 09:00:06 GMT

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 Is that possible to change phone setting such as Email profile, Wi-FI
Access Point profiles, Intenet settings from Android SDK, maybe from


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1. How to stay backwards and forwards compatible - targetSDKVersion, hdpi, minSDKVersion?

Here's my situation:
I have an app that's been compiled using 1.5 SDK and minSdkVersion=3.
Now I want to add 2 icons: one for high density screens like Droid and
another one for low density screens like G1.

For this, I added the high density icon to new directory drawable-hdpi-
v4/. I then compiled using 1.6 sdk and added targetSdkVersion="4" to
the manifest. minSdkVersion is still 3.

This is working in limited testing, but I'm not sure if I have done
everything correctly. I have many questions:
1. By specifying v4 in drawable-hdpi-v4, the icon will not be
displayed to 1.5 or below OS's. But what about users with 2.0 or
higher SDK's? Will they get the non-hdpi icon, since they will have v6
or v7 ?
2. The documentation for targetSdkVersion states, "Specifying this
target version allows the platform to disable  compatibility settings
that are not required for the target version (which may otherwise be
turned on in order to maintain forward-compatibility)". Does this mean
that my app will not be forward compatible as soon as I specify a
targetSdkVersion? What exactly is being turned off?
3. Even if I leave out the targetSdkVersion="4", the app runs ok. So
do I really need it?
4. Should I be using the latest SDK (2.1) and setting that as the
targetsdkversion and compiling against that? Or some other combination
of targetsdkversion and compiling sdk? I'm not using any API's that
are not in 1.5..
5. Is any of this related to why some of my HTC Eris users have
complained that they can no longer find my app in Market after
upgrading to 2.1?

Thanks a lot for your input!


2. Stuck di Android Market

Hi rekan2, akhirnya saya sempat nyoba2 android :D
Mau tanya nih..

Pas buka android market, kok stuck di loading page yang tulisannya
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WiFi sudah nyala (sudah dicoba browsing), APN (detect sendiri
ternyata :D),,

Kenapa ya? ada saran?
Terus kalau mau setting browser yang pake TCP/IP gmn ya? (kayanya ini
juga otomatis)


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