Can compass be used to separate linear acceleration from gravity with accelerometer?

by Dan » Fri, 04 Feb 2011 05:22:11 GMT

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I want to be able to detect vertical movement (relative to the z-axis)
on an Android phone. This can be done with just the accelerometer with
some degree of accuracy. However, I see that in Android 2.3 there are
now separate Gravity and Linear acceleration "virtual sensors", that
apparently will use the gyroscope (when available) to separate
accelerometer data into gravity (useful for detecting orientation) and
linear acceleration (useful for detecting movement).

The phone I'm using does not have a gyroscope, but only an
accelerometer and compass. Is it at all possible to use the compass to
separate linear acceleration from gravity in the accelerometer signal?

High-pass filters are a bit simplistic for my intended use, because
they don't really help detect whether movement is up or down and using
raw accelerometer data leads to orientation changes looking very
similar to linear movements.


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