Bitmap Allocations Different per phone

by MikeL » Sat, 12 Mar 2011 04:21:52 GMT

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 I have an application that I am running on an HTC EVO and an HTC
Incredible.  At one point it loads in 10+ new bitmaps.  The Evo runs
fine, the Incredible runs out of memory.  I have been using 'dumpsys
meminfo' to debug the problem.  I noticed something odd right away.
These are numbers on initial boot..

** MEMINFO in pid 2677 [] **
                         native   dalvik    other    total    limit
bitmap nativeBmp
              size:    19348     5767      N/A    25115    24576
N/A      N/A
       allocated:    17110     4794      N/A    21904      N/A
8445        0

** MEMINFO in pid 3474 [] **
                         native   dalvik    other    total    limit
bitmap nativeBmp
              size:    19356     5447      N/A    24803    24576
N/A      N/A
       allocated:    16589     4018      N/A    20607      N/A
11323        0

The Bitmap field is much higher on the Incredible than on the EVO.  As
I load more bitmaps this differences grows and grow until I run out of
memory with...

E/dalvikvm-heap( 3474): 515520-byte external allocation too large for
this process.
E/dalvikvm( 3474): Out of memory: Heap Size=5767KB, Allocated=3154KB,
Bitmap Size=18681KB
E/        ( 3474): VM won't let us allocate 515520 bytes

Why is it that the bitmap sizes are larger on the Incredible?  Is
there something in the OS I can look at this will explain this?


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