Big bug playing ogg files in Android 2.3 (a.k.a Stop the Android Audio Madness!)

by k7k0 » Sat, 12 Mar 2011 05:18:50 GMT

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 I'm having a big problem with Android 2.3, the MediaPlayer API seems broken 
with most .ogg files.

If you grab a mono or non-44khz ogg file, after loading it into the 
MediaPlayer it reports ridiculous lengths using the getDuration() API. Is 
not just bad information, you can't use the seekTo API!. Try to download 
this file to your sdcard and play it using the Music Player app in a 2.3 
emulator, the file is 18 seconds length, it reports only 8 seconds!.

I've filed a bug here 
If you are an audio-related app developer please star it.

We switched to ogg to avoid the gaps of the mp3 files. *This worked since 
android 1.1*, I don't know what's happening to android audio API's, I 
thought they couldn't make it even worse!


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