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by 毓亘丿丕賱乇丨賲賳 禺賷乇丕賱賱賴 » Sat, 12 Feb 2011 06:07:33 GMT

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1. Problem with Serversocket

But now i am encountering a new problem as follows

i have created Serversocket as follows

ServerSocket clientListenerSocket = new ServerSocket(9999);

But i dont see  port# 9999 being in listening state when i do
-a" on windows XP machine.Strange part is that its not generating any
exception. because of this my client on another host is unable to
connect to the this server emulator

Problem here is the socket is not listening on any interface ,  I
guess host OS is not allowing to allocate these ports. and morover i
am confused about port redirection concepts of android

i would like to know  following stuffs,

1. Will the above server code work for android without specifically
binding to any particular interface.(as SDK document states IP address
of emulator is different from that of development machine)

2 what could be the other reasons for this particular problem.

3. what is the procedure to finding  free ports on Windows XP



2. How to get MediaController positioned at a required location?

Hi All,

Do you have any idea how can we position the MediaController at a
required location?
I could not find any way to set the position of MediaController.



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