ANN: Mock Objects on Android with Borachio

by paulbutcher » Mon, 14 Mar 2011 01:25:25 GMT

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 One of my biggest frustrations with writing code for Android has been
the fact that none of the current Java mocking frameworks work on
Android Dalvik VM. I recently released Borachio a native Scala
mocking framework which does work on Android.

Because Borachio is written in Scala, youl need to write your tests
in Scala. But it can be used to test code written in Java.

There's a description of how to use Borachio on Android on my blog: 

I'd be very interested in any feedback!


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Re: ANN: Mock Objects on Android with Borachio

by A. Elk » Tue, 15 Mar 2011 10:15:50 GMT

 Good work. I have a couple of comments:

If you have POJOs in your code, you can test them with JUnit using a
standard mocking framework of your choice. The only limitations on
mocking are imposed by the Android system.

Without getting into too much detail, most of the objects in the
Android API can't be mocked. This is known. It's not meant to be test-
hostile, and it's not accidental. I always think that to get anything
useful in a finite amount of time, one has to make tradeoffs.

Some of the class names could have been chosen better, perhaps.
However, their functionality is well-documented.

I think the key thing is that you've produced something useful for
Android developers.


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Re: Re: ANN: Mock Objects on Android with Borachio

by Paul Butcher » Tue, 15 Mar 2011 19:17:48 GMT


Glad you like it :-)

That's true, of course. In our particular case, however, all of our 
non-Android-specific code is C++, so we have no Java code that doesn't talk to 
Android APIs.

Our C++ code has extensive fully-automated unit and functional tests. We've 
found achieving the same level of test coverage for our Java code to be 
*extremely* difficult. Hopefully the techniques outlined on my blog will remedy 
that somewhat.

That's clearly true, and I'm sure that the Android developers weren't 
deliberately trying to make Android test-hostile. Even if it *feels* like it 
sometimes :-)

I hope so! I'd be very interested to hear your, and others, feedback if/when 
you've had a chance to play with Borachio. It's still very young and I'm sure 
that there is much that could be improved. 


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Who says I have a one track mind? 
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