Re: AnimationSet - Scaling and moving at the same time

by Hari Edo » Mon, 17 Jan 2011 10:52:55 GMT

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 It seems like whenever a <scale> is done as a part of an animset,
the starting or ending scale is computed incorrectly, as the
of the ending scale.  I think they're calculating the anti-transform
each element, and doing it badly, messing up compound animations.

Thanks for posting good YouTube examples of the phenomenon.
Now post those to the bug tracker!


AnimationSet - Scaling and moving at the same time

by Oded O. » Wed, 19 Jan 2011 09:44:56 GMT

 I'm building a new layout engine (and hopefully open-source it once I'm 
I need to scale and move a "tile" from one position on the screen to 

When I only move, the coordinates seems to be OK (the top-left corner of the 
"tile" is positioned exactly where it should be) 

When I only scale, the result size of the tile seems to be OK, and the 
tile's new size is exactly what it should be. 

But when I combine these two animation to a single AnimationSet, something 
goes wrong, the top-left corner of the tile is off-setted to an unknown 
destination (couldn't figure out the logic behind the new position) 

Has anyone came across this sort of issue?

It's important that the two animation would happen at the same time (I don't 
want to move, and than scale, or vice-versa).




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Re: AnimationSet - Scaling and moving at the same time

by Oded O. » Wed, 19 Jan 2011 09:45:03 GMT

 The strange thing is, that I scale the view and set the top-left corner as 
the pivot point of the scale... while the transform (moving) of the views is 
also set-up using the top-left corner as the anchor... so logically, 
we shouldn't have encountered any issue...

How (and where) do I post a new bug?
Can I post a link to this thread over there?

And to conclude... If the animation is not possible at the moment, I'll 
refactor the code and set the transformation between layouts without 
When I'm done' I'll re-post with a link to download the full code.

Thanks again.



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