Android2.3 released (Gingerbread)

by sogan xie » Fri, 25 Feb 2011 12:57:23 GMT

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Some new feature pulled into.



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1. Android 2.3 package question.

Hello folks,

I'm looking at sip package in adroid 2.3 and i found it's great!

so I'got some questions about it.

1. what codecs does SipAudioCall support?(G.711/729/AMR/etc.)
    Does google use GIPS codec internally? :)

2. If I use SipSession (instead of SipAudioCall), do I have to
implement any media related functions(rtp/rtcp, audio en/decode, etc)
by myself?

3. Is there any way to send non-INVITE message like UPDATE, REFER and
MESSAGE using SipSession or any others ?

4. The description of auto-registration is not sufficient to me, so I
want to explain exactly how it work in Android 2.3.

Thanks in advance.


2. playing yuv file

Hi everyone,

I am playing a yuv file on my hardware using my one own c
application(using v4l2 interface).It is playing but display is not
comming.If i play the samething on linux its gets display on lcd. In
android just some blinking is there on lcd apart from that nothing is
showing. How to play yuv file in android using own application or
using android application.

Any suggestion welcome..........

Thanks in advance


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