Android Widget Design.

by Chris Ruskai » Tue, 26 Apr 2011 21:55:38 GMT

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 Hi, I've been programming apps for a while now and want to branch out
into the realm of widgets. Does anyone have any suggestions on where
to find good tutorials? I've googled the subject and my results are
limited to maybe one or two specific widgets. What I'm looking for is
more of a general tutorial.

Thank you,
Chris Ruskai


Re: Android Widget Design.

by Satya Komatineni » Wed, 27 Apr 2011 01:12:04 GMT


I don't have an online tutorial but we have covered this topic in a
fair amount of detail in our 2nd edition of ProAndroid 2
( ) from Apress. The coverage includes state
management through preferences.

The third edition that should be available any time soon have extended
the material to also cover list based widgets in honeycomb.

Here is my journal as I have developed material for those chapters. 

Hope this will be of some help. the journal is useful if you are
looking for answers to specific questions but if you are looking for a
tutorial the book is much more helpful

Satya Komatineni 


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Re: Android Widget Design.

by Nikolay Elenkov » Wed, 27 Apr 2011 09:05:22 GMT


This has all you need. Along with *real*, not 'hello world'-grade code. 


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