Android porting with goldfish qemu

by Taylor » Mon, 28 Mar 2011 00:01:20 GMT

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 Hello Everyone.

I want to make Android porting but I can't go further

so I ask you an advice.

I have done,

downloaded Froyo 2.2 -> make

downloaded kernel goldfish -> make

so I built two of them.

but I can't find any further information about porting,

blogs just say you can make porting environment like that and then
what? no one says about the next.

As I know, I can port Android using goldfish kernel (which is called
qemu, right?)

without any real target device or board.

Don't know what to do next,

if you know anything , plz teach me or give me some references

so I can figure out myself.

Thank you for reading my poor question.


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