Android Ice Cream Sandwich coming official

by sehatt » Wed, 11 May 2011 05:09:19 GMT

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 Android Ice Cream Sandwich gets official, to power all Andorid Devices: 
tablets, convertible laptops, smartphones, etc.

ndroid Latestndroid Newsatest NewsPOSTED: 05/10/11 11:08 PM 

As expected in Google I/O 2011, Android Ice Cream Sandwich gets official in 
today keynote. This new version of Android OS supposed to bring Honeycomb 
feature on Android Smartphones but Mike Cleron from the Android Engineering 
Team confirmed this would be the next version of Android which will run on all 
devices. As he said: e want one OS that runs everywhere.Ice Cream Sandwich 
will run on tablets, convertible laptops, smartphones, etc. See below the image 
in courtesy of Engadget.

It seems to reduce Android Fragmentation Google is developing an Open Source OS 
which will commonly distribute to all devices and there will be an advance 
application framework. Stay tuned with us at Facebook and Twitter to keep 
yourself updated on latest Android Ice Cream Sandwich. 

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