android eclair system image problem

by Manoj Kumar » Tue, 17 May 2011 20:44:19 GMT

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I am running android eclair BSP on my SMDK6410 board. I am using
kernel version 2.6.29
I get "stuck at the welcome screen with Android written on the screen
and a blinking underscore".

This is the portion of log which shows something is missing:-
[    2.828120] s3c-rtc s3c-rtc: setting system clock to 2000-01-01
00:06:50 UTC (946685210)
[    2.836441] Freeing init memory: 160K
[    4.191609] init: cannot open '/initlogo.rle'
[    4.216513] yaffs: dev is 32505860 name is "mtdblock4"
[    4.222074] yaffs: passed flags ""
[    4.225464] yaffs: Attempting MTD mount on 31.4, "mtdblock4"
[    4.315881] yaffs_read_super: isCheckpointed 0
[    4.321941] yaffs: dev is 32505862 name is "mtdblock6"
[    4.327171] yaffs: passed flags ""
[    4.330593] yaffs: Attempting MTD mount on 31.6, "mtdblock6"
[    4.345374] yaffs_read_super: isCheckpointed 0
[    4.357734] yaffs: dev is 32505861 name is "mtdblock5"
[    4.363296] yaffs: passed flags ""
[    4.366700] yaffs: Attempting MTD mount on 31.5, "mtdblock5"
[    4.387008] yaffs_read_super: isCheckpointed 0
[    4.450628] init: cannot find '/system/bin/sh', disabling 'console'
[    4.456988] init: cannot find '/system/bin/servicemanager',
disabling 'servicemanager'
[    4.465430] init: cannot find '/system/bin/vold', disabling 'vold'
[    4.471671] init: cannot find '/system/bin/debuggerd', disabling
[    4.478765] init: cannot find '/system/bin/rild', disabling 'ril-
[    4.485944] init: cannot find '/system/bin/app_process', disabling
[    4.492958] init: cannot find '/system/bin/mediaserver', disabling
[    4.499888] init: cannot find '/system/bin/dbus-daemon', disabling
[    4.507137] init: cannot find '/system/bin/installd', disabling
[    4.514069] init: cannot find '/system/bin/keystore', disabling
[    4.528196] [adb_function_enable] adb_function => (enabled)

Can anyone please tell what is the issue here.
I checked in system/bin folder all these files mentioned here
as"cannot find" are there, why i am still getting this error.
Is my system image wrong or is it not properly written on nand, if
either is the case then how to verify.

Thanks and regards


Re: android eclair system image problem

by tforce » Thu, 19 May 2011 22:35:40 GMT

 This means your system files are not programmed correctly.  Use
fastboot command to program system.img file.

Are you booting from usb or any external drive?



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