AdSense in Admob banner?

by groob » Sat, 30 Apr 2011 09:37:52 GMT

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I'm working right now on adding Admob to my application and I'm
absolutely astounded with the content presented there.
Please follow the details I'm going to describe and tell me if I've
mistaken somewhere or I don't understand this feature.

First - environment: Nexus One (480x800) with CyanogenMod 7.0.2,
Android 2.3.3.
Admob banner defined as 320x50px (AdSize.BANNER).

Instead of "solid" Admob banner, fitting 320x50 px area, I do receive
an xml (or webpage) which is far(!) to tall to fit the space provided.
Moreover, I assume it because built-in handling, over the content
there are strange icons and some navigation links below, what makes it
even taller and completely unreadable, not even thinking of the
I've prepared some screenshots from my device to better illustrate the

The questions I have:
- Have I made a mistake in implementation and 'Ads by Google' can be
excluded from being displayed?
- Maybe my rooted device acts different and it is causing regular
Admob banners to not display?
- Has anyone experienced the same? What are your thoughts? IMO
presenting something like this is nonsense and will only make users
upset - no marketing value, almost impossible to interract with,
providing no information. It is more like a nightmare to both
publisher and advertisers.

Hoping I'm the only one in the dark here.



Re: AdSense in Admob banner?

by Nikolay Elenkov » Sat, 30 Apr 2011 11:24:08 GMT


We can't know without seeing your code. BTW I think you can turn off
the features to display AdSends ads in the Admob console if that
doesn't work for you. You can fix the ad view's height to 50dp, that
would at least make sure it doesn't change size.

Unlikely. I use rooted NexusOne and have never seen this. AdSense
 ads are served only if there are no Admob ads available. Again,

check your Admob console.

I agree it's not nice, but I haven't seen anything like it. Might be some
temporary glitch? Is it consistent?


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Re: AdSense in Admob banner?

by groob » Sun, 01 May 2011 02:09:44 GMT

 Hello, Nikolay!

Thanks for your answer.

I think it is not the code I should blame here.
When I'm launching on my device Admob's examples (BannerEssentials,
Banner-Details) I get exactly the same result.
Also bannrers in other applications I downloaded from the market look
This makes me more think of my device and applications installed on it
being guilty of the problem.
Unfortunately I have no other Android phone available at the moment
and emulators are displaying correctly red Admob test banner.

It looks to me like AdSense's HTML code is, after being received,
somehow wrapped (interpretted?) by some app installed on my device and
thus not fitting the default 320x50px space.

Your advice on changing Admob console settings doesn't help either -
once AdSense disabled, no ads are received. I think Google want to
teach me a lesson that fill rate will decrease indeed without
AdSense. ;)



Re: AdSense in Admob banner?

by groob » Sun, 01 May 2011 03:25:21 GMT

 I know where's the problem - my network operator in Poland (Era, from
T-Mobile) adds a service called 'Compressor mini' (which is in fact
Opera Mini feature), that is to limit data transfer.
Unfortunately it adds as well this toolbars.

Don't even ask - I'm pissed as hell on them, especially they disagree
to turn it off.


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