Add SHA 2 and ECC VeriSign, Thawte and GeoTrust roots to Android root store

by » Tue, 25 Jan 2011 02:53:11 GMT

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Please can the following roots be added to the Android store:

1. VeriSign Universal Root Certification Authority
Available at: 
(Test Site:

2. VeriSign Class 3 Public Primary Certification Authority - G4
Available at: 
(Test Site: https://

3. Thawte Primary Certification Authority - G3
Available at:
(Test site: https://ssltest8.bbtestnet)

4. Thawte Primary Root CA - G2
Available at:
(Test site:

5. Geotrust Primary Certification Authority - G3
Available at: Test Site:

6. GeoTrust Primary Certification Authority - G2
Available at Test Site:

Thanks a lot

Tony Berman


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