Actual Galaxy Tab Displays Different Than Emulator - 5x5 Widgets?

by Matt M » Wed, 24 Nov 2010 06:36:20 GMT

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I created a Galaxy Tab emulator using these instructions: 

When I install my 4x2 widget on the emulator it displays like it does
on a phone (full width, half the height). However I went to try it out
on an actual device in Best Buy and there it displayed as if there is
room for a 5th row and column. First of all, why is there this
discrepancy? Second, how would I create a 5x5 widget?

Thank you,



Re: Actual Galaxy Tab Displays Different Than Emulator - 5x5 Widgets?

by Mark Murphy » Wed, 24 Nov 2010 06:47:30 GMT


Their SDK add-on may not replace the stock Android emulator home
screen app with their own. I have not tried making a Galaxy Tab
emulator AVD.

You can try specifying a suitable dimension in your app widget
metadata that would calculate to 5x5 cells.

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