about RPC dev

by Danny Wu » Thu, 20 Jan 2011 03:17:00 GMT

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Can someone teach me how to or where can I build the rpc? I have no
idea where the /dev/oncrpc/3000008c:00010000 can be generated...
Thanks a lot.

I m porting the Androind GPS, however, there seems something wrong in
my android what the RPS seems does not exist. I have added chmod
0777 /
dev/oncrpc in the common/init.rc but it seems no works. The following
messages are my logcat, please teach me how to solve it, Thanks a

E/lib_api_rpc_glue(  806): Trying to create RPC client...
E/RPC     (  806): error opening /dev/oncrpc/3000008c:00010000: No
such file or directory
E/RPC     (  806): ERROR OPENING [/dev/oncrpc/3000008c:00010000]: No
such file or directory
E/RPC     (  806): failed to initialize client (permissions?)!
E/lib_api_rpc_glue(  806): Created loc_api_clnt ---- 0
D/lib_locapi(  806): loc_eng_init called, client id = -1234
D/lib_locapi(  806): loc_eng_ni_init: entered.
I/lib_locapi(  806): Starting Loc NI thread...
D/lib_locapi(  806): loc_eng_process_deferred_action started
D/lib_locapi(  806): loc_eng_set_gps_lock mode, client = -1234,
lock_type = 1
D/lib_locapi(  806): loc_eng_set_gps_lock mode failed


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