a wacky workaround to get Nexus One usb driver installed on windows 7

by monkey.jsun » Thu, 19 May 2011 12:18:20 GMT

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 I have wasted almost a day trying to get my nexus one connected to my
Acer laptop running windows 7 professional 64bit. The basic symptom is
that even if I point windows driver update to where the driver
software is (SDK/extras/google/usb_driver), windows still says there
is no driver found.

I finally looked at the properties of "Nexus One" device and saw its
hardware id's are


So I add the following line to SDK/extras/google/usb_driver/
android_winusb.inf file (the one ends with <<<<<)

;Google NexusOne
%SingleAdbInterface%        = USB_Install, USB\VID_18D1&PID_0D02
%CompositeAdbInterface%     = USB_Install, USB\VID_18D1&PID_0D02&MI_01
%SingleAdbInterface%        = USB_Install, USB\VID_18D1&PID_4E11
%CompositeAdbInterface%     = USB_Install, USB\VID_18D1&PID_4E12&MI_01
%CompositeAdbInterface%     = USB_Install, USB\VID_18D1&PID_4E12
%CompositeAdbInterface%     = USB_Install, USB\VID_18D1&PID_4E22&MI_01

Include = winusb.inf
Needs   = WINUSB.NT

That does the trick! I think somehow window's usb driver is not
working properly on my laptop (probably due to VMWare) and did not get
the device id correctly. Or google's usb inf has a bug. I just want to
post it so that someone else may save time in the future.




Re: a wacky workaround to get Nexus One usb driver installed on windows 7

by Eamonn Dunne » Thu, 19 May 2011 21:32:53 GMT

 I'm pretty sure thats an issue with the VM, as I installed the drivers 
without issue on the same setup.


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