Have GET_INTENT_FILTERS been supported?

by Keiji Ariyama » Fri, 04 Sep 2009 00:33:13 GMT

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I'm trying to get IntentFilter informations from ActivityInfo object.
But I haven't succeeded it.

I found below article. The article is written at last year.

Is this not supported yet?



Have GET_INTENT_FILTERS been supported?

by EboMike » Fri, 04 Sep 2009 14:31:40 GMT

 There is a very recent thread right here where this is being
discussed. The last post was a few days ago.

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Have GET_INTENT_FILTERS been supported?

by Keiji Ariyama » Sat, 05 Sep 2009 00:23:10 GMT

 Hi EdoMike,

I'm sorry to bother you.
And Thank you for your kindness!

Keiji Ariyama


Have GET_INTENT_FILTERS been supported?

by EboMike » Sat, 05 Sep 2009 14:16:29 GMT


I hope my mail didn't sound angry. I'm just unhappy about too many
threads in this group all saying the same thing - it makes it much
harder to find information.

However, if you want to voice your opinion and want to tell the
Android developers that GET_INTENT_FILTERS is important to you, go to
issue 3217 and star it. Here: 

(I would also recommend NOT adding a comment - it's become a very
annoying habit of users to add hollow comments to issues with "Yes, I
agree" sort of messages. That's not helpful. But just clicking on the
star will increase the star count and make the issue more important.)


> >

Have GET_INTENT_FILTERS been supported?

by Dianne Hackborn » Sat, 05 Sep 2009 23:59:47 GMT


If you really care about having this feature, you'll get it to happen much
faster by just contributing a patch.  Compared to the other stuff we have to
do, this one is a very low priority, and it something that would be quite
easy for someone to contribute.

Dianne Hackborn
Android framework engineer

Note: please don't send private questions to me, as I don't have time to
provide private support, and so won't reply to such e-mails.  All such
questions should be posted on public forums, where I and others can see and
answer them.


Have GET_INTENT_FILTERS been supported?

by EboMike » Sun, 06 Sep 2009 15:10:40 GMT

 Dianne, you're absolutely right. it'd be time much better spent if you
guys worked on stuff that common townfolk can't do.

I think I'll look into it (assuming I hear back on android-source
about the patch I'm currently trying to commit).

My question though:

Who can tell me which function is supposed to behave how? I suppose
you have a very clear idea on how things are expected to work (the
documentation is pretty vague about which function actually takes
GET_INTENT_FILTERS). Assuming I call PackageManager's
queryIntentActivites() with GET_INTENT_FILTERS, the ResolveInfos will
contain an intent filter if applicable? What else is expected to honor
the flag?



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