[ASK] Newbie coders in android

by Handita Okviyanto » Wed, 08 Dec 2010 16:26:36 GMT

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 Hello all. I'm sorry if i make a wrong place to ask. I am a newbie to
developer of android. I'm interesting to learn a more practice of my
development. I want  to make an application that can access to my
webservice in PHP. But I don't know how to start it. And I want to
make charting data in my application later. I'm interesting to use
chartdroid project that gives me an easy code to make a chart. But I'm
still regret about the performance of the visualization. I find a
product of ArtfulBits. It is charting library to android application
but it is not opensource. I want to develop my application using open
source only. Any one can help me to solve this??

I'm appreciate for your answer.


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