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by jman » Tue, 14 Apr 2009 12:10:14 GMT

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1. GIF or FLASH animated wallpaper for 2.1?

Hi! All.  can the new android 2.1 for the HTC nexus 1 support GIF,
Flash or MP4 animated wallpaper? If not, is there a tutorial or a user
interface program to create a live wallpaper out of a mp4 file?  I
don't need it to be responsive, just to be able to animate in the
background.  I have no experience in coding at all.  Would appreciate


2. Google Gears on Android Simulator

I am testing a WebApp which uses Google Gears on Android Emulator.
When I access the page it fires a message that tells me that Google
Gears needs to be installed.

Q1: I thought Google Gears comes pre-installed on Android. Correct?

I click OK and I am redirected to the Google Gears site where I can
usually download the gears plug-in.
However, the website tells me that my browser is not supported by

Q2. The Android browser doesnt support a plug-in developed by the same

And Yes, I know that Google Gears is dead and that HTML5 is the way to
go. Does anyone have any information on how much of the HTML5 standard
the Android browser supports ?




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