Is it just me or do you have to press one button too many to switch off the G1?

by Sean Hodges » Sat, 11 Apr 2009 16:05:57 GMT

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 I expect you're referring to the confirmation dialog just before the device
actually powers off.

I personally don't mind it, I remember my old u600 had a nasty habit of
cancelling a new message without confirmation just because I pressed the
delete button a second longer than I meant to. Similar thing might occur
when trying to set silent mode on the G1 without the shutdown confirmation.

Would be nice to have a "don't ask me again" checkbox on dialogs like this
so you can customise this behaviour, although then you have the problem of
how to turn them back on...

On Apr 11, 2009 1:15 AM, "" <

As the subject says


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