Need help from Motorola Droid owners to port 3G Watchdog application

by Richard » Tue, 10 Nov 2009 02:06:00 GMT

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 Hi all,

I'm the developer of 3G Watchdog, an application that monitors 3G
traffic. I need help from Motorola Droid owners to port it to that

The app gets the network statistics data by reading pseudo-files /sys/
class/net/xxxx/statistics/rx_bytes and tx_bytes. "xxx" is the network
interface name, which depends on the platform (or rather, the maker),
e.g. for HTC phones it is "rmnet0", "pdp0" for Samsung...

I'm looking for the name used by the Droid. If someone with a Droid
could look (using adb) at /sys/class/net/xxxx/statistics/rx_bytes and
tell me what the xxxx is, it would make 3G Watchdog accessible to
Motorola users.

BTW, this remark is valid for any other future phone (Ericson,
etc...). New Android phones will appear on the market, and I need
owner's contribution to port 3GW on them.

Thanks in advance. You can also mail me at



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