shared private component between application

by Dianne Hackborn » Fri, 13 Mar 2009 18:19:48 GMT

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 Yes, if they have the same shared user ID, they have the same underlying
uid, and for security purposes are indistinguishable for one another.

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Hi I was wondering if something like this is possible {

public class Foo extends Drawable {
 public void draw(Canvas canvas) {
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I know the second syntax doesn't work. However is such a concept
possible? Like can I reference a custom drawable class implementation
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2. FIXED But 1 question: Strange Issue..Fail to set top app changed..Please help

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WHY? I am targeting the same os platform in both applications its just one
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[] On Behalf Of Tommy
Sent: Thursday, December 02, 2010 3:16 PM
To: Android Developers
Subject: [android-developers] Strange Issue..Fail to set top app
changed..Please help

Hi everyone,

I have a strange issue that I can't seem to find a resolution to. I am
working on an app using Eclipse Galileo on my laptop Windows 7 64bit.
I decided to break my app down and pull out a specific section along with
the activity's and services that went with that section. I moved them over
to my desktop Eclipse Helios Windows 7 64 bit (but more than double the
memory) I changed all the package names and what not to match the new
project name. I am able to start the app and get my splash screen but as
soon as it is time to load the first screen my app closes to the home screen
and gives me a "fail to set top app changed" in the logcat. No others errors
appear in the logcat. After spending a lot of time stepping though the code
with the de{*filter*} to verify no errors I decided to copy this project back
over to my laptop. I kept everything the same as far as naming and package
declarations. I plugged my phone up and started to debug from my laptop and
it works correctly.

Why does it crash when I try to run it from my desktop with the exact same
code and naming? Could any give me any ideas of what to look for or any
possible fixes. It seems like its a system problem not a code problem but I
am totally lost here.

Thanks for your time, help, and suggestions




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