Looking for Talented Developers

by [EMAIL PROTECTED] » Thu, 04 Dec 2008 00:56:12 GMT

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 Tenth Muse Enterprises is in search of developers with experience in
Android and with the ability to expand our ideas to other platforms.
Currently we have 2 projects (Perseus and Proteus) that are in need of
talented software engineers, one a relatively simple but impactful
product that will utilize GPS and will need to have web or server
based data that is submitted by an end user, and relayed to other end
users.  Very simple.

The other project (Proteus) is much more detailed and in depth and the
details cannot be discussed at all here due to US patent laws, however
I promise that this is a highly ambitious idea that will change the
way mobile devices are used forever.

Please understand that anyone looking to participate in either project
must be willing to sign a strict confidentiality agreement before any
information can be shared, or negotiations for contracted work can

If you are interested in being a part of these exciting projects,
please send your resume and examples or links to your past work to

Thank you,

Tavis Leaf
Tenth Muse Enterprises


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