Android activity's memory management

by Mihai Dumitrache » Mon, 01 Mar 2010 22:31:01 GMT

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 Hello guys,
I have a problem with my application, and it's about a Virtual memory
ERROR/AndroidRuntime(19790): java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: bitmap size
exceeds VM budget

The story is like this:
I have an activity (let's call it A), the user click on a button from
this activity, then i will make an api call somewhere in the internet,
and after the result is back i start a subactivity (let's call it B).

In the activity B i have to dinamicaly load some images from the
resources folder. I load the images into bitmaps -> drawables ->
imageviews. After the user click's on some buttons i have to
setResult(..), finish(), and get back to activity A.

The thing is that, goes from activity A to B, then B -> A, then A -> B
for a few times, my app crashes with the message above: it doesn't
have enough memory to load the interface.

I can not maintain the activity B on the stack because i don't want
the user to go to this activity without going through activity A

Do you guys have any solution for this problem ?


Android activity's memory management

by Bob Kerns » Tue, 02 Mar 2010 02:01:26 GMT

 If I'm interpreting your pattern correctly, you're invoking activity A
from activity B, and activity B from activity A?

That would explain your problem, at least.

Instead of invoking A from B -- return to A by finishing B. Then
you'll only every have one A, and at most one B active at a time.

It you can't do this, and really need that stack of A's and B's,
you'll have to figure out a way to hold onto less memory -- for
example, when B passes images to A, have it forget all about them, so
when A is done with them and invokes the next B, they can be garbage


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