how to be affiliate to the android consortium / Open Hanset Alliance

by Mark Murphy » Tue, 26 May 2009 21:39:32 GMT

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 > I wanna know how to become one of the official member of the Open Hanset

I suspect OHA membership is by invitation only, but I do not know for

Firms. Based on the list of existing OHA members, usually they are very
large firms.

As I indicate above, I suspect an invitation is required.

Yes. Please visit 

The core Android team.

Not publicly published at this time.

Mark Murphy (a Commons Guy) 
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how to be affiliate to the android consortium / Open Hanset Alliance

by Disconnect » Tue, 26 May 2009 22:04:25 GMT

 Not to point out the obvious, but:

*Who can join the Open Handset Alliance?*
The Open Handset Alliance brings together companies in the mobile ecosystem
that each contribute to the effort in various ways. We welcome companies
willing to make serious and ongoing contributions to openness in the mobile

*Who do we contact to learn about joining the Open Handset Alliance?*
Email us at

(And as far as the roadmap, very few of the companies involved - including
google - ever publish "raw" future information, plans, etc. So I'll be very
surprised if there is ever an actual roadmap available with the current
leadership. That was supposedly going to change for donut, but of course
donut is spun up now, and already taking in major changes, with no roadmap.)


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