A new way to link to apps from the web & twitter - drdmkt.com

by G » Fri, 16 Oct 2009 02:29:41 GMT

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 So last week I wanted to send a friend of mine a link to an app. I
quickly realized that while I could create a "market://search?
q=pname:" URL and maybe even shrink it with bit.ly so that it gets
recognized by different apps, it was still a problem. Both because its
a pain to type and and because if a user on a PC clicked that link,
they would get an error...

So I built an app (Word of Mouth) and a website (drdmkt.com) to help
alleviate this. Basically you use the Word of Mouth app to create
short links to an android application ( example:  http://drdmkt.com/1 
or  http://drdmkt.com/3r  ). When a user clicks on that link from their
android phone they'll be taken to the android market, while on any non-
android browser the link forwards to cyrket.com where the user can see
the same info that is available on the market.

My goal with this app is really just to provide a universal linking
mechanism for android apps and to help devs and users spread the word
of good apps. I also imagine it could be very useful when posting
about an app on twitter. Anyway I'm not looking for anything with
this, the site is hosted for free (but you still wont see any ads on
single-app links since its redirected before they load) so theres no
worries of bills to pay. Just thought some devs might be interested in
this service.

So anyone that want to create a drdmkt.com link to their application,
just goto  http://drdmkt.com/1 and download " ;Word of Mouth".

Hope some find this useful,


A new way to link to apps from the web & twitter - drdmkt.com

by String » Fri, 16 Oct 2009 03:27:07 GMT

 Nice. I like it, and look forward to adding it to my apps' sites.



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A new way to link to apps from the web & twitter - drdmkt.com

by Lance Nanek » Fri, 16 Oct 2009 03:44:50 GMT

 Neat idea! What does it do for Android devices that don't have
Google's Market app? That information probably isn't in the user agent


A new way to link to apps from the web & twitter - drdmkt.com

by G » Fri, 16 Oct 2009 03:57:38 GMT

 That (phones without Google's Market) is an issue I haven't quite
worked out. I think you're right that it wouldn't be in the user agent
but if theres some way I could detect the resulting error on the web
page, then i could handle it differently (although I don't think this
is possible due to the nature of the web). I'll have to spend some
time playing around in the emulator to figure out that one.

Anyone got any ideas on how to handle it?


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