How do I create a background loop method

by Laxs » Wed, 01 Sep 2010 07:19:55 GMT

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I got a problem, I want to call a method every X minutes, if my method
got a result it should inform the user by vibrating or showing a
alertbox. if the method doesn't get a result it should wait for X
minutes and restart.
What is important, this should also work when the phone turns to
sleep. Which means I want to wake the phone from sleep to run my

Actualy I can activate my method via a Button, and it is working like
I want it to be except the background loop thing.

I already searching for a solution here in the group or also on google
but I think I don't got the right search terms to find a solution for
my problme.

I already read about the AlarmManager and broadcast receiver but I'm
not sure if this is right for my problem.

I hope you could help me.


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