How to merge images?

by OiuNt » Thu, 03 Sep 2009 15:02:01 GMT

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 Hi everyone,
    in my application, i want merge serveral images dynamically
accroding to the user's selection, and the merged image will be
scrolled and zoomed.
    i extends View to OverlayImageView, which has the properties
background Bitmap, layers Bitmap and Matrix. in the onDraw event, i
draw the background Bitmap and layers bitmap sequently by the method
canvas.canvas.drawBitmap(image, imgMatrix, null).
    however, if all the bitmaps are stored in memery, it leads to the
Out Of Memory problem. so, i have to read the image in the onDraw
event by the method BitmapFactory.decodeResource, but it's slow to
response user's operation, for example, the scroll and zoom the image
will leads to the onDraw event.
    so, does anyone have some good idears ? thanks!!



How to merge images?

by OiuNt » Thu, 03 Sep 2009 15:14:24 GMT

 so my solution is to merge the images into one image at the beginning
and store this image in the memory. when the onDraw is called, the
canvas can only draw this merged image.

however, i can't find out how to merge images.


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