Javascript, WebView, and arrow keys.

by Ken Perry » Fri, 10 Sep 2010 00:22:12 GMT

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 The following question has to do with Froyo 2.2 sdk 8 running on an


 I am injecting Javascript  into a web page and in the WebView activity I
get 19, 20, 21, and 22 for key codes for arrow keys.  At the Javascript
level all four arrow key values in a keydown handler come in as zero.  The
following is the java script code I am using to set the handler and to get
the keyValue.


window.addEventListener('keydown', keyDownHandler, true); 


function keyDownHandler(evt){

var keyCode=evt.keyCode;





I will note that keys like enter come in correct for example I get 13 for
enter.  I also will note that if I press shift and then an arrow key I get
16 for all 4 arrow keys instead of 0.  myLog function takes a String but the
following works 


If (keyCode==0){

myLog("arrow key");



So the value is coming in as zero is there some way I can fix this.  If
someone has time I have a pretty simple example of this problem I could
probably zip up as an eclipse project.







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