Question on listing an app in Featured Apps list at Android Market?

by Victa » Sat, 14 Mar 2009 02:10:24 GMT

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 Dear fellow Android developers,

My company has an app that we are very confident to make it one of the
most useful Android apps, and I would really like to know how to make
it to the Featured app list at Android Market. Does anyone have such
experiences or knowledge, regarding the process or requirement to make
it to the Featured App list?

Any information would be greatly appreciated!




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I've hacked together a working smack 3.1.0 lib for Android.


Here's what's inside:
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- qpid and novell openldap/jldap for SaslClient impl. (Plain & Digest-
- smack(x)
- various patches & shell scripts to glue that
- some minor glue code (fake, AndroidDe{*filter*}.java (so
you'll get all stanzas on the logcat when debug is enabled))

What's not working ATM:
- DigestMD5 (currently PLAIN works, if you know how to debug this, plz
help, it's propably the biggest drawback atm, it is currently patched
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UI is one of the next things :-)

Keep in mind that the radio connection is slow, so you may run into
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Rebuild requires a current android jar, just "cp /your/sdk/platform/
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Patches/Ideas welcome.



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