Lock_layer error intermittently when stopping and starting a opengl SurfaceView

by Michael Angel » Mon, 27 Jul 2009 06:45:23 GMT

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 I'm having the same issue too when pressing home to leave the app, and
going back into the app. Except sometimes when I compile, it'll
regenerate without freezing but have a broken texture. Other times
it'll just freeze without fullscreening, but will change screen
orientation. Eventually if it does freeze, it asks if I want to force

And this broken texture problem is also weird. If I slide out/in the
keyboard with my G1, the app gets restarted and the texture is fixed.
Also if I hit home, slide in/out the keyboard, and then go back into
the app, I don't have an issue. This is REALLY weird, but no one seems
to know what the problem is.


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