Mapview ConcurrentModification Exception

by Necroline » Mon, 28 Jun 2010 22:01:55 GMT

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 ello everyone,

As the title suggest i have (sometimes) a
concurrentmodificationexception while trying to create a route between
two locations ...
Here is my code (and in case you're wondering MyOverlay does not try
to access the other Overlays in the map)

private class fillRouteTask extends AsyncTask<Void, GeoPoint,
Void> {

* create the url to call to get the route
* @param src
* @param dest
* @return
private StringBuilder createUrl(GeoPoint src, GeoPoint dest) {
// connect to map web service
StringBuilder urlString = new StringBuilder();

urlString.append("&saddr=");// from
.toString((double) src.getLatitudeE6()
/ 1.0E6));
.toString((double) src.getLongitudeE6()
/ 1.0E6));
urlString.append("&daddr=");// to
.toString((double) dest.getLatitudeE6()
/ 1.0E6));
dest.getLongitudeE6() / 1.0E6));
Log.d("xxx", "URL=" + urlString.toString());

return urlString;

* create the connection to google url
* @param src
* @param dest
* @return
private String connectToUrl(GeoPoint src, GeoPoint dest) {

// get the kml (XML) doc. And parse it to get the
// coordinates(direction
// route).
Document doc = null;
HttpURLConnection urlConnection = null;
URL url = null;
try {
url = new URL(createUrl(src, dest).toString());
urlConnection = (HttpURLConnection)

DocumentBuilderFactory dbf =
DocumentBuilder db = dbf.newDocumentBuilder();
doc = db.parse(urlConnection.getInputStream());

(doc.getElementsByTagName("GeometryCollection") != null

Mapview ConcurrentModification Exception

by Necroline » Mon, 28 Jun 2010 23:42:56 GMT

 ixed it, i removed the Overlays reference from the mapview and it
worked :)

On 28 juin, 16:01, Necroline <> wrote:


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