BUG: terrible one

by imen » Fri, 09 May 2008 07:23:49 GMT

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I am doing an application that with it we can execute J2ME
applications on Android platform.
I have a problem, that when i compile the application it is correcte
and the Android emulator runs but an error appears there : "An error
has occured in org.microemu.util.ThreadUtils"
I examinate this file, but it is correct
Then, i did the debug step by step and the debuger stops on an another
file that imports from the previous one.
I put the line where the debuger stops as a comment and i repeat the
debug but i stops there.

Please can everybody help me
I am blocked, why the debuger stops on a comment line and how ?


Thank you

BUG: terrible one

by Renato Mangini » Fri, 09 May 2008 12:02:15 GMT


What "another file" is that? If it is an Android file, it may be that the
runtime you are running it on is not the same version as the source you have
linked the debugger to (currently the google code page has source code for
m5-rc14 only).

If it is your own code, there may be some problem in your compilation
process, keeping an old version of your code on the runtime. In this case,
try to completely remove your application from the android runtime before
running again.

Renato Mangini


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