Programatically selection of 3G network connection in G1?

by Joseph Teo » Tue, 12 May 2009 09:02:34 GMT

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 Hi Folks,

I'm working on some data transmission program and current it works alright
on WIFI connection.

However, I understand that if I am in an environment where there are both 3G
and WIFI coverage... the phone will (by default) be turned onto the WIFI
network connection.

However, if for some reasons, I wish to be connected directly to 3G (e.g. 3G
is more stable in public WIFI area).... is it possible to do so
programatically on the Android phone? If i'm not wrong, it's possible using
the ConnectionManager API, am I right?

May i ask if anyone has done something like that and  don't mind sharing the
code snippets to do so , or point me to the right direction for this?

Many Thanks in Advance!



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