About nine patch stretchable image

by Bill.Tsao » Tue, 13 May 2008 02:48:50 GMT

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 Dear all:

I would like to use 9 patch stretchable image to do my style

Firstly,I used this 9 patch stretchable image:

apply in the same size "EditText" view , it present like this:

It is obvious to find the "EditText" view has difference color in its

It is like a small rectangle in its rectangle.

I thought this thing is relative about left and top border line.

Secondly,I change the left and top border line, the 9 patch
stretchable image:

The left line cover all the height and top line cover  rear 4/5 width

apply in the same size "EditText" view , it present like this:

This time it only has a small rectangle in the left of its retangle.

If we zoom out the images , we can find this images as though some
algorithm parsed

Finally,I add a red point in my 9 patch image:

I presume the 9 patch image parser will do some graph algorithm

I have two questions:

1. If it is a nine patch stretchable image , the four corners of the
rectangle(following graph) should not be stretched. but they be done
by above examples facely. Why? and what can I resolve this problem?


2.If I don't want to use the stretchable algorithm. Can I disable it?
Or , dose Android support the tile method to user to use they graph to
tile they view backgound?

May you anwser my question? Thank a lot.

About nine patch stretchable image

by Romain Guy » Tue, 13 May 2008 06:01:08 GMT


Your image is not a valid 9 patch. The white borders should be transparent.

Romain Guy


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About nine patch stretchable image

by Bill.Tsao » Wed, 14 May 2008 01:52:40 GMT

 I got it !! And I modified my 9 patch stretchable image.

It can work correctly.

But I think this thing can mark in the document.

It will help another developers when they use the 9 patch stretchable
image.  :0

Guy , Thank a lot !!! : )


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