alternative for package

by ashish » Thu, 12 Mar 2009 06:54:50 GMT

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 hello everybody,

does anybody know what  is alternative package for because this is not supported on sdk1.0.

i am unable to find it??
please help...


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I'm a little late on this thread, but I just wanted to say that your description of the "Problem" is as clear (and accurate) a description as I have seen, and I am exactly the kind of user you are describing :). I would love to have the option of setting two values for the screen lock. One that requires a Password/PIN to log in .. and another for the screen locking. In my case, I would set the Password/PIN option to a very high value, say about 6 hours.. That way, if my phone was stolen, or lost, it would only be usable for that first day, and it would not be much of a pain for me to login once a day. The OTHER thing that GOOGLE should do is to offer an option to brick your phone from your GOOGLE email account, and maybe ANY Google app. As you need a GOOGLE email account to setup your phone, and it would likely be one of the first places a thief would look for sensitive information. It wouldn't be that hard to do... just issue a GUID type number to the phone when you tell it to brick itself... and that number is now your PIN.. and then offer the user a secure place to retrieve that GUID if the phone is found. It could even be such simple security as it is only shown on the email account 24 hours or more after the phone is bricked. If Google wants some good PR, having a few good news stories about someone's phone being stolen, and how easy it was to brick the phone to keep their sensitive information secret would certainly go a long way :)> Anway.. my take on the issue.. Brad.
following: People (private Android users) are aware that they have stored a lot of sensible data on the smartphones, because of this some of them would like to protect this information a little bit better... this is where the Lock Pattern of Android (or with Froyo also the Pin or Password) comes into the game.
All the basic lock features that Android provides to the users have one disadvantage... Ones enabled, they always on. Each time you want to use your phone you have to deal with the lock (pattern, pin or password). For private users this is often a bit to much and in the end they deactivate the security pattern again.
What is missing from my point of view (and most likely the point of view from thousands of users of apps like PatternControl, AutoLock etc.), is an option like "Enable the lock only if I didn't used the phone for xxx minutes".
Best regards Lars
-- Sincerely, Brad Gies ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Bistro Bot - Bistro Blurb ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed. It is the only thing that ever has - Margaret Mead --

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Ever since I added conditional text formatting on my list items I've noticed
a performance drop. It's still usable but I'm somewhat obsessive about
performance/experience so I would really like to tweak my approach as best I
can. The following snippet is how I'm achieving my conditional formatting.
Is this the only way? (Perf drop appears to be related to making TextViews

if( w.state.equalsIgnoreCase( Tasks.STATE_READ ))
  s.setSpan( new StyleSpan( Typeface.NORMAL ), 0, s.length(),
  i.setSpan( new StyleSpan( Typeface.NORMAL ), 0, i.length(),

  w.getInstructions().setTextColor( 0xFFBDBEBD );
  w.getDeadline().setTextColor( 0xFFBDBEBD );
  s.setSpan( new StyleSpan( Typeface.BOLD ), 0, s.length(),
  i.setSpan( new StyleSpan( Typeface.BOLD ), 0, i.length(),

  w.getInstructions().setTextColor( 0xFFBDBEBD );
  w.getDeadline().setTextColor( 0xFFFFFFFF );



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