Communicating with the gtalk app?

by Jim Duchek » Fri, 04 Sep 2009 02:04:29 GMT

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 Hi.  Considering the code for the gtalk app is unavailable, I'm unable
to discern this information for myself, and haven't been able to find
it anywhere -- I know Google has security concerns, but I'm wondering
if there is any API at all for communicating with the google talk
application itself, such as setting available/busy or signin/out?  A
plugin for Locale that would be able to do that would be extremely
useful, and trivial for me to write, but the information seems not to
be available, as far as I can tell.  Does anyone know anything about
doing this?



Communicating with the gtalk app?

by Roman ( T-Mobile USA) » Fri, 04 Sep 2009 06:02:05 GMT

 You might want to look at the libjingle library which had some hard
coded hooks to talk to the GoogleTalk servers.

Of course you would have to port the needed libraries to the Android
platform which is not a trivial task. I am not aware that there is any
porting available on Android.

Roman Baumgaertner
Sr. SW Engineer-OSDC
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