Typical T-Mobile Service Interaction Needs Log Analysis

by Brian Milnes » Sun, 04 Jan 2009 07:44:27 GMT

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 I have a new G1 and it's started rebooting and bombing out of Chrome.
In fact, I can't load slashdot without it rebooting. So I attempted to
jail break it so that I can read the android log, but the current
recipe no longer works.

 So I'm stuck calling T-Mobile who start with the "newbie" questions,
then on to a technical service rep. The service rep then wants me to
remove ALL applications from the phone and try again. A totally
service interaction. That tech can't read the log to see what
if I got to a store they can't read the log and I can't read the log.
does not support the applications, don't know which may cause problems
and thus will always be very paranoid about them.

 This is going to waste a LOT of time, money and customer good will.

 A great solution to this is an over the air log collector and
analyzer that
points to problems. It will need to make the standard judgment of is
the problem Hardware, OS, Android or the applications.

 Is anything like this in the works?


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